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Orbiter's Local 519

Orbiter's Local 519

This is a staple-bound, A5, 68 page zine. Purchase includes the pdf, which will be sent separately after order is placed.


Orbiters Local 519 is a complete sci-fi TTRPG about disassembling derelict starships, built for open tables and one-shots. It focuses on dungeoncrawling, with one important difference: instability. As the players move through the derelicts, seeking valuable components, the ship falls apart. Pipes explode, walls collapse, and entire rooms may separate from the core.


Along with this natural damage, the players are given the tools needed to demolish their environment: welding torches, plasma cutters, and explosives.

It includes:

  •  Streamlined exploration mechanics built around an Event Die, which handles creature movement, derelict collapse, and oxygen depletion.
  •  Robust derelict ship generation that determines the ship's type, the disaster that claimed it, and a room-by-room map creator.
  •  Class-based character advancement and management.


The Open Table


The default structure for many games tends to be one of two options: either a single session with a clearly defined start and end, or a long campaign with a single set of players changing little over months or years.


Orbiters Local 519 is intended for a different format: an open table, made more popular in recent years by some corners of the OSR. Here, a single GM runs consistent sessions with a constantly varying set of players; some people may come for one or two games, some may make it to many.

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