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Perils & Princesses

Perils & Princesses



Remember that scene in Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs when our hero runs off into the deep dark forest, narrowly avoiding the pitfalls and horrors within? Or when Dorothy Gale throws a bucket of water in the face of the Wicked Witch? This game is all about the humble moments of heart and heroism of storybook princesses.


These adventurers rely on  baskets of goodies, trusty hatchets and their hidden talents to help them on their way. The gifts from their Fairy Godmothers help them call upon woodland animals, sing enchanting songs or connect with the elements of nature as they dig deep to survive the perils that await them.


Get some friends together, create your character and take your band of fairy tale heroes on a  dungeon-crawling, monster-slaying adventure.


If you're a fan of Grimm's Fairy Tales, animated Princess Movies, and Classic Storybooks where plucky heroes use their resolve and wits as they undergo fantastical adventures, then this is your kind of TTRPG. 


The mechanics are rules-light, and focus on simple magic, teamwork and creativity. This game works as a stand-alone but is easily adapted to your own OSR and NSR style games, pre-written adventures, settings and dungeons of all sorts. In the game book you’ll find:

• Streamlined system, friendly for newcomers, while still being rich with atmosphere for veterans looking for a new world to explore.

• 8 fairy tale character classes with a wide range in fairy tale abilities. Based on the gift given to you by your Fairy Godmother, you could have an enchanting voice, an animal sidekick, or a connection to the elements that helps you thwart the perils that lay ahead.


 • Random tables to generate characters and outfit them with adventuring gear, storybook trinkets and enchanted relics or quirky weapons.


• Bestiary full of Rot Goblins, Hedge Witches, Dragons, Trolls and Pixies and Unicorns  for GMs to spring upon the princesses.

• GM tools and tables to quickly improvise encounters, treasures, NPCs and all the little details to bring your fantastic world to life.


• Intro Adventure "The Rosewood Crown" with a backstory, plot hooks and a dungeon crawl to get your adventure started whether it's a one-shot or a a jumping off point for a larger campaign. Easy to follow instructions help new GMs run a session with only minimal prep. 


The game book is digest sized (5.5in  x 8.5in) and perfect bound. Final Page count will be approximately 100 pages. Cover stock is 120lb uncoated with a soft paper vintage feel.