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PHM #1 -- Hex 48.67, The Shrine of Daothog

PHM #1 -- Hex 48.67, The Shrine of Daothog

The first in the new series called Populated Hexes Monthly, the Shrine of Daothog features a dragonne lair in a sea-side hex of rocky dunes and a cave containing a node of Chaos and the godling it spawned. Includes rules for generating nodes of chaos and adding schools of magic to your B/X-based OSR game.

Populated Hexes Monthly is a monthly release containing 10 pages of unique content, with a goal of being shorter and more easily dropped into an existing campaign than the regular Populated Hexes series.

This is an 8-1/2 x 11, staplebound 'zine in full cover, 18 pages long. Purchase comes as a print/pdf bundle.


The Populated Hexes Monthly series is now available in a subscription format. For 81.95 a year you can get twelve issues of the zine in the mail. The subscription includes the pdf and shipping costs.