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Planescape: Planes of Law

Planescape: Planes of Law

This is the original box set, in excellent shape.


  • ACHERON, where armies of evil collide

    ARCADIA, where Law and Goodness clash

    BAATOR, where malevolence corrupts the spirit

    MECHANUS, where reason and order reign

    MOUNT CELESTIA, where hope is born anew

    Inside this box you will find:
    • Five 32-page books describing each plane and its inhabitants for the Dungeon Master. Information on monsters, realms, sites, and dangers of each plane are presented, along with adventure outlines.
    • A Player's Guide to Law, a 32-page, full-color introduction to the wonders and hazards of the lawful planes, for DM and player alike. This book includes sites not found elsewhere.
    • Monstrous Supplement, a 32-page, full-color booklet detailing 13 creatures, including new baatezu, the mysterious bladelings, the wondrous archons, and the "dryads" of Mechanus.
    • Five fully detailed, poster-sized maps illustrating the layers of each plane, with diagrams of the intricate, formal hierarchies of the lawful planes.

    EXHILARATE in the rarefied air of Mount Celestia... EXPLORE the dark depths of Baator... EXULT in the supreme order of the Planes of Law!