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Populated Hexes Monthly Bundle (Issues 16-18)

Populated Hexes Monthly Bundle (Issues 16-18)

The fourth set of three issues of Populated Hexes Monthly sold as a bundle. All three are staple-bound, offset print, and contain codes for downloading a free pdf of the issue. These three issues are set in the Silver Sea of Absalom.


Issue #16. Issue #16 of Populated Hexes Monthly moves to the south of Absalom and out into the Silver Sea. The Crescent Isle is inhabited by a number of creatures, and this issue looks at a shipwreck inhabited by a giant crocodile. It also includes rules for customizing water-going vessels and expanding adventures by ship.


Issue #17. Populated Hexes Monthly Issue 17 remains in the Silver Sea, exploring a nigh inaccessible island inhabited by a pair of giant monitor lizards and continuing part II of the look at naval rules. This issue goes over crewing a vessel and explains the various rolls that are used.


Issue #18. Issue 18 is a bit of a departure, looking not at a location but at an encounter. In this case, an encounter with the Sea Scourge, one of the many psittacan pirate sloops that sail the Silver Sea. In addition to an overview illustration that can be used to lay out the typical sloop, Issue 18 introduces (finally!) the psitacca, or parrot-folk, with two playable race-as-class options: the psitacca and the sussurrent.