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Populated Hexes Monthly Year One (softcover)

Populated Hexes Monthly Year One (softcover)

This is a 178 page, full color POD softcover. Purchase includes the pdf. This book is also available as a pdf and an offset hardcover.


Populated Hexes Monthly compiles the first twelve issues of the PHM zine series into a single book, with newly commissioned art and arranged via setting location. While written for Old School Essentials, it can be used with any OSR-style game. It features the following:


#1. The Shrine of Daothog. Includes the lair of a dragonne and a partially submerged cave containing a long-forgotten godling. Includes rules for nodes of Chaos and adding spell schools to OSE. 


#2. Entrance to the Valley of Kings (pt. 1). Introduces the Valley of Kings, the resting place of many of the ancient Crocodile King royalty. Includes rules for creating new undead creatures, both as a player and Referee.


#3. Entrance to the Valley of Kings (pt. 2). Features an underground complex controlled by a necromancer and their undead creations. Includes new necromantic spells.


#4. Village of the Grippli. In addition to the aforementioned village it includes two playable race-as-class grippli options.


#5. Cave of the Yeti. Focuses on an ice cave inhabited by a group of yeti, as well as rules and spells for adventuring in the frozen wastes or other cold climates.


#6. Gateway to the Frozen Wastes. Features the town of Ogrim, a small community and research facility. Includes rules for adding templates to monsters and characters.


#7. Artifacts of the Giant-folk. Looks at a hex containing ruins leftover from the time of the giant-folk and introduces rune-magic.


#8. The Haunted Hills. Moving east, to the shadow of the Plateau of Leng, this issue introduces the binder class, an individual that gains power by striking pacts with forgotten gods, dead heroes, and the vestiges that haunt the world.


#9. Fool's Ascent. Describes one of the few known paths to mount the Plateau of Leng and explores the Dreamlands.


#10. The Dreaming City of Kahudbar. Nestled at the foot of the Plateau of Leng is the embassy-city of Kahudbar. Includes stats for the Denizens of Leng.


#11. The Lake of the Dead. A cursed lake fed by icemelt from Leng, this issue features a small dungeon haunted by phase spiders as well as rules for adding mortal wounds to your game.


#12. The Gardens of the Rising Sun. In the middle of the Frozen Waste can be found an oasis of green. Kept warm and verdant by a connection to Faery, it is the dangerous hunting preserve of a faery court. Includes fey-tinged elf classes.

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