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Rifts: Role-Playing Game

Rifts: Role-Playing Game

Fine Condition, Softcover, Cover Damaged, Sides of pages are stained with age.


Rifts® is the familiar.


Rifts® is the alien and unknown.


Rifts® is the embodiment of wonder, danger, and endless possibilities.


Rifts® is a post-apocalyptic Earth stranger than a hundred alien worlds, where humanity battles against aliens and the supernatural.


Reality blurs. Magic and technology often clash or meld together. Around the next corner a dragon, cyborg, monster, giant robot, vampire, or god only knows what may await you.


Rifts® merges science fiction with fantasy, horror, heroic adventure, and other genres in a thrilling and plausible setting that will set your imagination on fire.


Travel the Rifts to any location on Earth, or leap across the dimensional divide to visit alien worlds and dimensions in a matter of seconds. And just as you can travel to other worlds, aliens and the monstrous travel to Earth and stalk the innocent.


Rifts® is a fusion of ideas, settings, genres, and characters unlike any game on the market. An endless Megaverse® of adventure™ in which if you can imagine it, you can play it.

Are you up to the challenge?

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