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Robotech: Master's Saga Sourcebook

Robotech: Master's Saga Sourcebook

Softcover, NM Condition.


Robotech®: The Masters Saga™ Sourcebook has been enlarged to the standard 8½ x 11 inch format and 160 pages. Artwork was given the deluxe treatment - large, clear, and detailed to go along with the wealth of information about the Second Robotech War, the Army of the Southern Cross, its combat forces, mecha, weapons, and vehicles. The same comprehensive treatment is given to the invading Robotech Masters.

Forget the corny drama, the emphasis of this sourcebook is on the Second Robotech War and the equipment on both sides. Making the Masters Saga a big mecha and equipment book that you will want in your collection. Did you know the Army of the Southern Cross used power armor and Battloids in addition to their famous mecha? You’ll find out all about it in this comprehensive 160 page sourcebook. Much of it described and statted out in an “official” capacity for the very first time in this sourcebook.

  • 40+ weapons; pistols, rifles, grenade launchers
  • 15 O.C.C.s and MOS skill packages for the 8 main branches of the ASC and the 7 Special Forces Divisions operating under the Tactical Corps
  • 14 ASC vehicles of the Army of the Southern Cross (ASC)
  • ASC Tactical battle shields, jet packs and other gear
  • ASC Veritech Mecha including the Ajax, Logan, Spartas Hover Tank, Myrmidon Light Hover Tank
  • 6 ASC power armor suits
  • 4 ASC Battloids
  • The Golem Autonomous Patrol Robot
  • The Robotech Masters and their legions
  • 6 different Bioroids, as well as the Bioroid Terminator, the Bioroid Invid Fighter, hover sled & more
  • Tirolians, spacecraft and other gear and info

    Note: Only the size, size of artwork and layout has changed. The text and data are the same as the manga-sized edition, apart from some corrections and errata.


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