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Rolemaster Companion II (#1600)

Rolemaster Companion II (#1600)

Softcover,fine condition, slight damage on edges


This ROLEMASTER supplement concentrates on new professions, new skills, new spell lists, and a variety of optional rules.

The descriptions and tables for ALL of the ROLEMASTER skills are now gathered into one place, ROLEMASTER COMPANION II.

ROLEMASTER COMPANION II has something for every ROLEMASTER GM and player! In addition to the new material, it provides comprehensive "Master Tables" and descriptions for ALL of the skills and ALL of the professions in the complete ROLEMASTER product line.

• 13 NEW PROFESSIONS: Beastmaster, Conjuror, Dancer, Dervish, Necromancer, Runemaster, Sage, Scholar, Shaman, Trader, Warlock, Warrior Mage, Witch.
• 65 NEW SPELL LISTS: base lists for the new professions, new Paladin base lists, new Arcane lists, and other miscellaneous lists.
• Over 100 NEW OPTIONAL SKILLS for lores, brawling, magic rituals, power point development, perception, etc.
• Expanded static action tables.
• Rules for infra-skill areas, similar skills, and complementary skills.

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