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Runecairn: Into the Nine Realms

Runecairn: Into the Nine Realms

Into the Nine Realms is a collection of 16 1-page dungeons for Norse fantasy Soulslike TTRPG Runecairn, with areas ranging from poison swamps to ruined fortresses to corrupted villages.

  • 16 self-contained maps and encounters perfect for running as one-shots or dropping into a larger campaign.
  • Explore lost ruins, brave corrupted villages, delve cursed caverns, and scale the limbs of the world tree.
  • Suitable for standard or solo play.
  • 8 stunning full-page black and white illustrations from Felipe Faria.

    Writer/Designer: Colin Le Sueur
    Cover Illustration: Norm Konyu
    Interior Illustrations: Felipe Faria, Colin Le Sueur

    Requires Runecairn: Wardensaga or Runecairn: Core Rules and Runecairn Bestiary.