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Shadow World: Cyclops Vale and Other Tales

Shadow World: Cyclops Vale and Other Tales

Softcover,  Good condition, Slight damage on edges and cover


Explore a rugged land of fierce and fantastic races and beasts. The mining town of Coronan, an outpost of civilization, is the starting point of dangerous forays into the stark mountains of Peligris, on the continent of Emer. Discover Kuvera, the Lost Lake of Gold, visit the mist-shrouded towers of the tiny Pech, or climb the 6000 steps of the Monanga to examine a mysterious obelisk that pierces the sky. A squawking raven, warns Rarg the Cyclops of anyone's approach. Can you outwit or outfight the 26-foot flesh-eating giant? Ancient treasures and artifacts invite plunder-but beware! Winged Hirazi warriors cruise above, and the odious Trogli lurk below....

Cyclops Vale and Other Tales is a series of linked, stand-alone adventures set in a remote, mountainous region. Included are:
· Detailed descriptions of the mining town of Coronan, the mines, the Fairie City of the Pech, and the Aerie of the winged Hirazi.
· 9 area maps and views of adventure sites in the untamed Peligris region.
· 6 detailed adventure locations.
· Adventures for Characters of lst level and up.
· Stats for Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero game systems, including an NPC Chart, a Beast Chart, and a Master Military Table.

The adventures in this book will fit easily into your campaign or adventure setting!