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Shadow World:The Orgillion Horror

Shadow World:The Orgillion Horror

Softcover,  Good condition, Slight damage on edges and cover


Above a desolate moor broods Orgillion Mansion, home of unspeakable evils. Adventures risk life and sanity when face with the horrors of the estate's past.

Shadow World is the planet Kulthea, a unique fantasy environment for use with both Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero. It is also adaptable to most other fantasy role playing games.

The Orgillion ancestral home housed many unspeakably evil Lords throughut its blood-stained past. All of them died under mysterious circumstances, further testimony to the brooding malevolence of the mansion. Worse is the Orgillion Family Crypt, a labyrinthine mausoleum wherin lies the ancestral wealth of the Orgillion Clan, and many Undead! Surviving adventurers undertake a journey across the mountains into the unforgiving desert, to the Ruins of Nof-Keh, where adventure, terror and madness await!

The Orgillion Horror includes:
- "The Legacy" detailing a haunted house full of secrets and mystery.
- "The Family Treasures" describing the magic-filled Orgillion Crypt
- "The Treasure Seekers of Tytus" who search the desert for a mystical object of awesome power, but instead find mind-numbing horror.
- 3 Area Maps & Views.
- 5 Detailed Adventure Locations and Layouts.
- Fully-developed NPCs complete with Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero statistics.
- 3 Races from beyond this world.
- An Arcane Society.
- A New Spell List.