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Signal to Noise

Signal to Noise

New, A5 40 page B&W softcover zine with PDF (fulfilled via Bits and Mortar).


Signal to Noise is a bittersweet interstellar epistolary game for 2 players, played out one message at a time as one character departs the solar system forever on a generation ship while the other is left behind on Earth. It is a Prelude to the Dyson Eclipse, an upcoming series of games exploring humanities voyage to, and exploration of, mega-structures around a distant star.


Sending messages back and forth to one another the players must try to maintain a connection in the face of an ever-increasing time lag and the creeping distortion of the messages as the signal becomes distorted during its transmission over interstellar distances. Eventually, the unfolding events, signal degradation and growing distance will force one to break contact, forever severing the bond between the characters that they have struggled to maintain

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