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Sixcess Core

Sixcess Core

Softcover, NM Condition.


Sixcess Core is your doorway to great and memorable adventures. Gather your friends, create interesting characters and explore a myriad of worlds and settings. This is just the beginning of countless and boundless exploits. Create your own gameworlds or delve into one of Harsh Realities games. There are no limits!


  • 24 races from fantasy, sci-fi, horror and beyond
  • Quick, easy, detailed character generation
  • Backgrounds, edges, flaws, qualities to flesh out your character
  • Flexible, robust attribute + skill system
  • Comprehensive power generation system
  • Vehicle rules, unique materials, expansive bestiary and much more

    This is your toolkit for building your own setting, genre mash-up, enjoying a massive campaign or just a night with your friends.