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Smitten is a cooperative micro-game for 1-2 players designed and published in celebration of Stonemaier Games’ 10th anniversary in 2022. In Smitten, players work cooperatively with limited information/communication to complete two identical 3×3 grids of cards, each inspired by a Stonemaier game and illustrated by Vincent Dutrait. There are multiple difficulty levels and separate modes for solo and 2-player games.


Smitten was inspired by comic book cards from Jamey’s youth, specifically a set where various cards formed a cohesive 9-card panorama image. In trying to complete two of these images in Smitten, there is no set turn order; rather, players indicate a preference to play or not play a card. The played card has instructions for the other player to place a card, which they must do or the game instantly ends.



  • 1 rulebook
  • 18 cards (63x88mm)


Smitten is packaged inside a paper envelope; it’s an entirely plastic-free, eco-friendly product.

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