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Star Magic: Wisdom of the Magi

Star Magic: Wisdom of the Magi

Softcover, NM Condition.


It all started when the first mortal looked up at the night sky. There he saw the infinite dance of the stars. The short trip from wonder to questioning took but an instant. From those first questions the magi sprang. The magic held in the stars represents the powers that the gods used to make the world. The stars stand as the anchor points in the universal design. Channeling their power allows the magician to create effects in the world without fundamentally altering the shape or nature of the universe.

It is a subtle, gentle magic based on knowledge and personal exploration, not the rending and tearing of the world. Magi stand at the summit of the star magic world but nearly any arcane magician can learn to channel a few stars or constellations. A magician's knowledge of the stars progresses naturally from studies of other schools of magic. A student can sample from many styles and schools without limiting himself to one.

Many arcane magicians find their abilities greatly enhanced with the addition of a few stars or constellations to their spells. If nothing else the study is good for them, enhancing their knowledge of the universe. A few find the subject so fascinating that they turn their backs on the other schools of magic entirely, focusing all their hearts and souls into a single area of study. In this they join their brothers the necromancers, diviners, and transmuters of the world looking for the key to power in a single source.

This volume of the Encyclopaedia Arcane series gives players and Games Masters alike the information they need to begin using s