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Synthetic Dream Machine: Eternal Return Key

Synthetic Dream Machine: Eternal Return Key

a psychedelic roleplaying game with dice and a referee\


Strap on your surface battle suit.

Activate your pain projector.

Get on your grav speeder.

Raise your titanium hound rampant hexagon.

And ride towards the lie of civilization to discover why your corpsicle was revived in an alabaster cryopod. There is a lie there, and perhaps behind it is truth of the scratchy voices in your head.

Beware the noösphere demons. Beware your memories.

Something has gone wrong with your world.


This is the chromademon edition of Eternal Return Key, the art-full rules for psychedelic roleplay with the Synthetic Dream Machine system (formerly teased as S.E.A.C.A.T.).

This edition includes: 

  • SDM: the anti-canon rpg system formerly known as S.E.A.C.A.T. Rules for playing in a strange, trippy world like that of the Ultraviolet Grasslands (read manga-style, from back to front).
  • Eternal Return Key: a character generator for a PC waking up in a wasteland with no idea how they got there. Can serve as an alternate start for the Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City ((read BD-style, from front to back).
  • Pointyhelmet's New Body: a graphic novel detailing the adventures of the well-deserved hero Pointyhelmet and his trusted sidekick, the mighty wizard Poncho.
  • A map: somewhere strange and wide to start, east of the civilized world, between the big sun and the little sun.  The other side of the Circle Sea from the Ultraviolet Grasslands.