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Tales from the Loop: They Grow Up So Fast

Tales from the Loop: They Grow Up So Fast

Across four adventures, you will dive into a campaign that covers each season of the year. Your Kids will be tested like never before as they go on their biggest adventure yet.


"Everything changed on that fateful day. Looking back, I know that whatever we did changed our lives forever. The sky ruptured and something strange came through. It was a great adventure that showed us how little we knew about the universe. It was scary and yet magical. I wish we could do it again."


Moving away from the Swedish and US Loops, this new adventure takes place in the Norfolk Broads of the United Kingdom. As mentioned, the campaign is spread over four adventures and you'll also find plenty of information within for exploring the Norfolk Broads Loop in more detail.


This means loads of new artwork, maps, handouts and more to make your Tales From The Loop adventures come to life. Whilst the focus is on the UK, there are also some tips and such included for moving this to the Swedish and US Loops if you would prefer.

Could you be tempted to dive deeper into Tales From The Loop with a brand new mystery to unravel?