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The Big Squirm

The Big Squirm

150 pages, A5, hardcover book, full color throughout. The Big Squirm is a hardboiled detective RPG adventure for TROIKA! RPG.


About the book:


Players take the role of private investigators working for one of several factions embroiled in the mystery of the Scarf-Worms.


Players will search, steal, and trade for clues, exploring a wealthy neighbourhood in the city of Troika. What they uncover will have massive implications for your ongoing campaign, and provide a huge amount of gameable material to take your games even further. The clear goals and open-ended creativity of The Big Squirm is also the perfect way to introduce new players into the world of TROIKA!, and TROIKA! is a great introduction to the world of roleplaying.


Squirming The Big Squirm

Player characters have been hired as investigators by various factions vying for position after the collapse of the Scarf-Worm investment bubble. They will explore the wealthy district of Downgate Arches, its buildings suspended by chains over a dark expanse, as they compete with rival investigators, meet interesting people, and attempt to secure the goals of their chosen faction for a fabulous reward.


It Seemed Like a Nice Neighbourhood

The chains of custody are long and spectral – speculation was rampant before the Pretender Worms began to hatch, and when they did, the crash hit everyone. There were no Scarf-Worms.

The estates of Downgate Arches are suspended on chains from their over-wrought arches, the space between them marked by servant-access walkways and the streaking paths of Silver Gondolas. Cheaper buildings are built directly on the walls, growing with the demand for labour and homes. What lies at the bottom of the district is unknown – hidden beneath a toxic, roiling fog of bright gold and burnt, copper-hued gases.

Despite its privilege and reputation, Downgate Arches has worms. They slither down the support-chains, snacking idly upon animals, citizens and visitors alike. Assassins play poison-dart tag in the open space between the hanging buildings. They have been dispatched by aggrieved parties – all have paid out small fortunes for ownership of yet-unborn Scarf-Worm futures.

The streets were dark with something more than night.



  • 23 locations, each soaked in corruption, intrigue, and dirty dealings.
  • 7 factions for the players to join, double-cross, and fall afoul of.
  • 6 rival detectives, each playing their own dangerous game.
  • 1 big case to crack!