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The Fangwitch's Falls

The Fangwitch's Falls

The Fangwitch's Falls is a 24-page pointcrawl adventure for Cairn that takes place in a lethargic and waterlogged forest on the brink of calamity.

-Explore 7 Precarious Locations! Wade through the ghoul-flooded cemetery, see what's hiding down in the Old Well, fish the waters of Tago Lake, journey into the Fangwitch's Falls!

-Interact with 20+ NPCs! Awaken a sleeping toad god, discuss your dreams with eel-magi, search for the legendary beast of the lake!

-6 Gear Packages to quickly get your game started! Play as the Estranged Eel Sister, a Fae Imposter, and others!

-Encounters, Treasures, Discoveries! Plus, Spark Tables for even more inspiration! 

-Easily adaptable to the fantasy adventure game of your choice!

-Lots of Original Art that you can freely use in your own projects as well!