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The Hidden Hand of the Horla

The Hidden Hand of the Horla

Legends tell of the Hand Mage's Tower that once stood at the edge of the realm. Within the Hand Mage experimented and hoarded his magical treasures. The tower stood for many years until one day it mysteriously vanished...

Rumors spread that the mage had offended the gods and had been eradicated from existence, or else had made a pact with a demon prince and was now paying his due. Whatever the case, the tales became legend and all but the oldest elves were unsure if the tower had ever existed at all. Now the tower has reappeared where it once stood. Will you dare to enter the ancient tower in search of riches and magical secrets?

This printing of Hidden Hand of the Horla is revised and expanded with new rules presented in the appendices.

30 pages, staple bound zine, color cover, b&w throughout. Includes PDF.