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The Martial Cult of Blood Knight Gaius

The Martial Cult of Blood Knight Gaius

THE MARTIAL CULT OF BLOOD KNIGHT GAIUS is a 20-page dungeon crawl about a religious order of vampires who deny their feeding urges, instead only drinking the blood of those whom they have given a formal chance to defend themselves. 


The spells, items. and monsters described in this zine are intended for use with Ben Milton’s Knave, but can also be quickly converted for use with B/X or other OSR derivatives. In this zine, you'll find:

  • NINE MONSTERS AND NPCS: Encounter feral and ravenous Mad Vampires, cyclopean Mountain Screamers, dashing and flamboyant Vampire Knights, a foolhardy adventurer called Sycorax, the craven and backstabbing Demon Priest Morpho, and more!
  • TWO HARD-HITTING BOSSES: Compete in a duel for a fabulous reward with the brooding cult leader Blood Knight Gaius, and encounter his bodyguard and trusted companion, the mysterious giant First Disciple Matsunaga.
  • EIGHT SPELLBOOKS AND ENCHANTED ITEMS: Steal Matsunaga's limb-cleaving claymore, wear the Blood Knight's cloak of stars, and gain crystal-control over the Demon Priest Morpho. Read from the spell tomes of the Monastery and learn to summon a full moon, turn the floor into a sea of fire, become a classic movie vampire, and forge a blade from your own blood!
  • EVEN MORE OSR GOODNESS: Build tension with a rumors table about Matsunaga, set the mood with passages of prose to read to your players, flesh out the story with four reasons to visit the Cult and three possible Epilogues, map out the Monastery courtesy of watabou, and gaze upon three full-page illustrations by yours truly!


While the tone of the adventure is meant to be pulpy and spooky, prominent themes include religion, starvation, shame, blood, and slight body horror. Please confirm that each of your players are comfortable with these themes before you play!


In a previous version of the module, I suggested players listen to an album by Old Tower. I have been informed that Old Tower is associated with Nazi black metal acts. Please do not purchase, stream, or support the music of Old Tower. Check out ...and in the autumn night the black castle rose by Draped in Shadows instead!

On page 10, the final random encounter is First Disciple Matsunaga, with no information about the encounter. Guidelines for how to handle Matsunaga randomly appearing in the dungeon are listed on the two-page spread addressing the character.