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The Nameless Grimoire

The Nameless Grimoire

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The Nameless Grimoire is a supplement for The Nightmares Underneath (and other old school fantasy role-playing games) that covers all things magical, including:

9 new character types: Avatar, Battle Wizard, Blood Caster, Chaos Mage, Druid, Mystic, Shadowsneak, Spellslinger, and Witch.

A new random equipment table for wizards and spellcasting characters.

More example magic items.

Rules for divine patrons and six example patrons covering all 5 alignments.

666 spells and dozens of variations, arranged in 33 spell schools, as well as a single d1000 table.

A short bestiary of new monsters mentioned in the spells, including demons, elementals, golems, and several types of supernatural reptiles.

Random spell name tables and random wizard name tables.

The Nameless Grimoire includes all the spellcasting rules from The Nightmares Underneath core rulebook, so you can use these rules with other games.