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The Scourge of Northland

The Scourge of Northland



The Scourge of Northland is a sandbox style adventure campaign designed for low level characters and approachable for players and DM's new to the hobby. The module is over 60 pages of keyed adventure locations, dungeons, strongholds, important NPCs, treasure maps, magic items, all with unique and evocative art.


The expansive Northland is comprised of varying landscapes—from rolling hills to grassy plains, and wild woods to a bustling town and nearby villages. The detailed environment gives adventurers plenty of opportunities to seek out and uncover mysterious ruins, delve into dungeons and recover lost treasure and artifacts. 


For those wishing to pursue urban adventures, there are also threads to follow within the walls of Obanhold itself (and under it!). Join the criminal underbelly who profit from the wealthy class or run missions for the Porter's Guild who have a monopoly on safe transport. You could serve the crown in their effort to hold Northland or maybe join the cause of peoples or creatures beyond the wall. There are quests to take on and rumors to follow, but the campaign can be approached in many ways.


Adventuring locations are thoughtfully laid-out with clarity and usability in mind. Dungeon maps are clear and easy to read with their corresponding room descriptions and relevant monster stats placed so that they are all on the same spread.

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