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The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

Softcover, NM Condition.


An adventure for 1st - 2nd Level characters in the style straight out of British Fantasy Gaming from the 1980s, but for 5th Edition rules.

In ancient times, the sorcerer Khalack Maeki established a lair under Terror Peak Mountain. Being of an evil bent, he enslaved the local goblinoid tribes and waged war against the elves of surrounding Scarwood. It said that he was amassing a vast army when a group of nearby High Elf Warlords attacked his mountain stronghold. In the final assault, the high elves unleashed powerful magic and killed Khalack. Legend states that they never recovered the sorcerer’s body. The Ring of the Elements, a powerful magical item which was said to be the source of his power, also went missing, much to the annoyance of the High Elf Archmages.

The dungeon under the mountain lay deserted for hundreds of years. It kept its secrets and treasures since the elves who now controlled the woods around Terror Peak shunned its lightless corridors. Powerful magical wards left by the High Elf Warlords sealed the dungeon.

Your group of adventurers are in the town of Goldrush, a town of human opportunists, traders and ner-do wells which lies on the edge of Scarwood. In a local tavern, you have met a charming young half-elf called Melanda, who claims to know where there is a secret entrance, long hidden from prying eyes by her kin, to the sorcerer’s lair. She owes no allegiance to the guardians of Scarwood and is willing to show you for a cut of the treasure.

What’s in this Book?
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain. The adventure itself. The history and overview of the current situation and a numbered guide (the Dungeon Key) to the Undermountain itself.

Stats Digest. All the stat blocks for all the creatures who live in the Undermountain grouped by type.

Appendix: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks. I’ve been Refereeing since the mid-80s, this is how I moved from the older editions of the game to 5th Edition.