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The Taan

The Taan

Softcover, Excellent Condition.


Adventurers on Loerem have been astonished and dismayed to encounter a new race of creatures never before seen on this continent. Subjects of an evil demigod, Dagnarus, the taan are a race of warriors whose main goal in life is to die in battle and take as many of their enemies with them as they can. Worshippers of the destructive Void magic, the taan are powerful humanoids who intend to conquer and enslave the weaker races of Loerem. In the pages of this sourcebook, the Referee will find all he needs to add the taan to his campaign, including a history of the taan, their religious beliefs, stories and legends, the unique ways they use Void magic, magic spells, weapons, descriptions of important taan leaders and taan Vrykyl, as well as their relationship to Dagnarus, the man they consider a god. Rules are included to play the taan as characters. The Taan will provide excitement and challenges to players and Referees alike.

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