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The Taming of the Slugiraffe

The Taming of the Slugiraffe

A solo roleplaying game. 20 pages. Explore a dangerous pit, discover locations, find useful items and eventually find the fabled creature. But before all that? Survive!


You will need a set of RPG dice and a couple of extra D6s. There are free character sheets, tokens and map resources available on – or you can photocopy from the book if you're oldschool.



THE TAMING OF THE SLUGIRAFFE is a solo roleplaying game where players take on the role of an insignificant background fantasy creature as it journeys into THE PIT to find the fabled SLUGIRAFFE. Can you survive the PIT and gather what you need to TAME THE SLUGIRAFFE?


What's it like?

It's a bit like Dark Souls if you were playing as a Pikachu trying to catch a Snorlax. The monsters are nasty, the world is dark, but you're just hoping to find a big slug-giraffe thing to make the life of your people much easier.


What's the set up?

You play as a GIBLET, a small background fantasy creature – the kind of thing that gets kicked off a cliff (without being hurt) for comic relief in films and TV. You and your people like a happy life, but there is a story a mystical creature that once would ferry and care for your tribes. You wish to return your people to this bountiful golden age – but to do this you must find, and tame, a SLUGIRAFFE. The only place they exist is within THE PIT. You, brave GIBLET, must descend to find the creature, and return a hero.