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This House is Haunted (hardcover)

This House is Haunted (hardcover)

New, hardcover, includes pdf.


A myriad of macabre manifestations for your tabletop explorations of haunted mansions and the supernatural!

This House is Haunted is collection of encounters, enemies, items, and random tables for adding an extra helping of creepy to any story. Surprise your players, and yourself with these evocative evils that can roll into any system, setting, or game.

Within these pages you will discover:



  • The Dung Fly:  A man-sized fly that seeks knowledge, and decay to feast on . 
  • The Collector:  A horrific mutant that drags a sack full of bodies he’s collected
  • The Gibbering Doll:  A living doll no one wants to meet, wielding a kitchen knife, and a chattering jaw. 

Exploration Tables:

  • What's in the water?
  • What's under the stairs?
  • d6666 Creep