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Trailblazer Teratologue

Trailblazer Teratologue

Softcover, Very Good Condition.


Following on their revolutionary reinvention of the 3e rules, Bad Axe Games now unleashes over 500 monstrous pages of expanded stat blocks, design notes, customization options, and CR analysis. The Teratologue expands upon the innovative TRAILBLAZER ruleset by dissecting and reassembling the blood-and-guts of any fantasy campaign: the monsters! Inside this massive tome you’ll find: • Reformatted stat blocks in a ready-to-use, at-the-table format. • Every special ability rewritten for clarity and consistency. • Complete stat blocks for every age category of all dragons. • Expanded tables for quick monster customization and advancement. • New rules for adding class levels and creating custom NPC classes. • Tons of design notes and advice to reduce the gamemaster’s workload. • Unique monsters and NPCs as envisioned by our patrons! The TRAILBALZER: Teratologue provides the power to surprise and challenge your players with truly unique creations.

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