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You are changing.


The changes started subtly: cravings and intrusive thoughts. But they soon built into noticeable physical changes, followed by a complete change in perception. It isn’t clear what you will become, but you can no longer deny that you are becoming something.

Do you fight the change? Embrace it? In either case, there is no stopping the transformation. Whatever you are becoming, it is inevitable. At best, you might be able to wrest enough control over yourself to spare those around you.


Transformation is a Kafkaesque, body-horror, solo RPG. Take on the role of an unfortunate soul whose body and mind are becoming something they cannot yet imagine. As the game progresses, you will change, taking on both physical and mental monstrous changes. You’ll journal about the changes as you struggle to understand what’s happening and relate your understanding to those around you.


You are trapped in isolation with a companion. Your situation makes dealing with the transformation even more complex. Your companion won’t understand what you are going through, but to be fair, neither do you. As the change progresses, you begin feeling less like yourself. Your thoughts and emotions are not your own. 


Transformation is a solo, journaling, role-playing game about becoming a monster and how your changes affect those around you. Transformation is presented as an 86-page 8.5″ x 11″, perfect-bound soft-cover book pritned in full color.  Purchase includes the pdf.