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Try the Beetle Milk

Try the Beetle Milk

New, A5 zine. Purchase includes pdf.


"Things were better before the Bat..."

Try the Beetle Milk, an adventure for Cairn (or the fantasy TTRPG of your choice).


  • 7 Locations long past their prime! Attend a sermon at the Church of Lowly Things, lose your precious youth in the Webbed Woods, ascend the petrified and smoke-shrouded body of Oonh, the mountain god! 
  • 30+ Illustrated NPCs! Share a twitching meal with the tunnel witch, join the pre-funeral procession of a queen in exile, race against a giant undead bat to secure the last bottle of Beetle Milk!
  • Relics and items of dubious utility! Seek guidance from the Bad-Advice Box, feed your foes to the Hungry Coaterpillar, gaze into a big mirror that reveals all of your insecurities!