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Twelve Years

Twelve Years


  • Twelve Years is a "solo+ rpg." There is no Game Master and it is designed to be played with one or more players.
  • Twelve Years may be played cooperatively, competitively, or parallel and asynchronously or synchronously.
  • Every twelve years, the Lich King rises from his slumber awaiting his coronation. Prophets warned that if he is not crowned, he will lead his skeletal minions on a rampage razing the known world. Each player is tasked with assembling a party of adventurers, finding a crown, and completing the coronation ritual. I would say good luck, but that is merely false hope. Failure and death are the most likely outcomes. Be warned.
  • Each zine is 44 pages printed on 105 gsm paper with handprinted metallic green ink on black cardstock covers, and saddle-stitched with metallic green staples.
  • The download includes a PDF of printable play sheets and the quick-play sheet of tables.
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