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World Building Bundle

World Building Bundle

This bundle of four hardcover books combines three titles by Third Kingdom Games and one by another publisher. All four, when used together, provide all the rules needed to create and run hexcrawl or sandbox-style games. Combined, this bundle is 25% off the retail price of the individual books.


  • A Guide to Thieves' Guilds provides rules for creating and running thieves' guilds, either as a player or Referee.
  • Filling in the Blanks provides a system for randomly generating features and encounters in hexcrawl-style games.
  • Into the Wild provides a plethora of information for high-level play: from rules to founding and running a domain, rules to create new classes and run mass combats, a section on random weather generation, and more.
  • Izirion's Enchiridion of the West Marches provides guidance for running a West Marches-style game.