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Worm Witch (Collector's Edition)

Worm Witch (Collector's Edition)

The forces of nature desperately try to resist the relentless march of decadent civilization. Worm Witch: The Life and Death of Belinda Blood is an in-depth look at the once-peaceful Isle of Annalida. There are new classes, the Worm Witch and the Worm Wardens, with wormy new spells and new ways to interact with the land. It’s a writhing, squirmy sandbox for players and their characters to explore.

But there’s more:

  • More Meat Men!
  • The Meat Lord’s mighty Dreadnought, made of flesh and nightmares and tentacles.
  • So many worms: Zombie worms and Chaos Worms and Slime Worms galore!
  • Caves full of skittering Kaldane!
  • Goats!
  • A lake made entirely of blood that grants great power. Or death.
  • Perhaps a Worm Golem?
  • Goats!!!!
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