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Xanadu (Old School Essentials)

Xanadu (Old School Essentials)

Softcover, staple-bound 'zine-sized book. Includes pdf, which will be emailed after purchase.


Welcome to the cult temple of Xanadu, an atmospheric temple-crawl for use with OSE or similar old-schools RPGs.

A cult in the temple of Xanadu opened a portal to another dimension. It was activated by adjusting the hands of three pendulum clocks in a particular sequence. Once the veil of reality was ruptured between this world and another, The Tooth Fairy stepped through, a winged creature from a dimension made of sweet stuff. The Tooth Fairy slaughtered everyone in the temple for their teeth, which she extracted and ate like candy. Rumors are circulating about unusual happening involving the temple, many are concerned. The Tooth Fairy is currently in her dimension, her appetite is ravenous, waiting to be summoned again. Rewards and riches may await those who venture forth to explore the temple, or dare to perform the ritual!

A new adventure for Old-School Essentials, for character levels 2–3.

  • Explore for treasure and magic items.
  • Solve how to complete a ritual that summons The Tooth Fairy.
  • Encounter and defeat some horrible foes. 
  • Discover unusual books and maps, useful as hooks for further adventures.
  • Suitable for character levels 2-3.


  • All locations described in convenient 1 or 2-page spreads.
  • New monsters.
  • New magic items.
  • Numerous random tables. 
  • PDF
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