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Yafsiga: Core Rulebook

Yafsiga: Core Rulebook

Yafsiga is a diceless skirmish game for two players designed to utilize a single deck of poker cards to generate thrilling, tactical skirmishes between warbands in the remains of a once-great kingdom. Players will utilize face cards to facilitate activation of their units and use the numbered cards of the chaos deck to cinch the successes they need to triumph over their opponents. A bespoke scenario generator caps off the experience, thrusting both players into the maw of danger as their warband is forced to adapt to the changing landscape of the Bloomsreach.

Each player has the complete freedom to build the warband of their imagination using Yafsiga's roster system. Blending the line between Wargame and Roleplaying Game, players will stat out their profiles with as many bonuses they can afford and weapons they can muster. This is the Bloomsreach, after all. Your warband will need all the help they can get.

After you've played standalone games with friends and foes alike, dive into narrative play with Yafsiga's campaign system, offering points of origin and motives for your warbands with unique reward and injury tables and memorable merchants to visit between skirmishes. Play a simple three-act arc in a day, or prolong your campaigns into a larger narrative with your friends as your warbands grow in renown across the Bloomsreach and beyond.