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Zweihander Revised Core Rules

Zweihander Revised Core Rules

Hardcover, NM Condition.


ZWEIHÄNDER is a low fantasy, percentile-based system, used to create and run adventures set in grim & perilous campaign worlds. Characters will be comprised of both strengths and flaws, beginning gameplay in one of 72 truly unique Professions. As gameplay begins, the Gamemaster will impose the peril of the wilds, heart-pumping chase scenes, social intrigue and terrifying enemies against you and your fellow adventurers. Dice are rolled to arbitrate success, failure and everything else in between. Over the course of the campaign, your Character may succumb to their injuries, go insane, fall victim to mutation, make Faustian bargains in exchange for infernal might or even worse.

Survival has a more definitive impact than simply winning battles and slaying monsters. In a way, grim & perilous gaming is more akin to a story of survival horror with dark outcomes. As Characters step beyond the threshold of sanity and emerge to the other side, they’ll gain Reward Points. Reward Points can be spent to buy new abilities within your Character’s current Profession. Continued adventure leads to dramatic new developments across three levels of play, called Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Tiers. As they move into each Tier, they’ll gain a new Profession: either by selecting one of the original 72 Professions, or graduating into one of 24 Elite Professions. Over the course of their adventures, a Character will have 3 total Professions, illustrating their descent in a grim & perilous campaign world.