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News Roundup August 1st, 2022

Well, this month is shaping up to be extremely busy, gaming-wise. I've got interviews scheduled to post for most of the month with ZineQuest creators. I *think* this is the link to the Kickstarter ZineQuest page (it doesn't go live until today -- I wrote the Roundup yesterday, on Sunday -- and will edit in the proper address if it doesn't work) To coincide with that event, I'm having a 20% off sale on all in-stock 'zines. Here's the interview schedule for the upcoming week. I won't be promoting individual interviews so as to not clog up social media spaces (although I'll probably do one post and add to it), so be sure to check back daily for new interviews!

  • August 2nd: Tanya Floaker with Lo, thy Dread Emperor.

  • August 3rd: Levi Combs with Big Eye Chungus.

  • August 4th: Dapper Rabbit Games with Tales from Dungeon Deep.

  • August 5th: Daniel Perez with Zine of Wondrous Power.

  • August 6th: Storeywood Press with Hunters of the Occult.

  • August 7th: 3, 2, 1 . . . Action with the Devil in New Jersey.

*GUARDIANS v Kaiju is a rules-lite skirmish game between, well, mecha and kaiju.

I couldn't find that many new releases on itch this week, and Kickstarter is a little slim because, well, I think a lot of folks are gearing up for either GenCon or ZineQuest. Most of the new stuff I could find is on Drivethru.

*Axian Library, a collection of five 'zines written for Old School Essentials, is now available on Drivethru as a pdf, with the print version to follow soon.

*R.P. Davis of Kabouter Games has just released Chert's Gate, a mini-adventure compatible with a wide variety of systems.

*A generic low-level adventure, SOS17 Beware Castle Croga, has been released by Starry Knight Press.

*A new to me author, Terry Herc, has just released 1d100 Dragons and Treasures as a Pay-What-You-Want. I'm a firm believer that one can never have to many random tables, so this may be one worth checking out.

*I plugged the Tale of the Manticore podcast on a previous update, and they've just released a PWYW pdf: the Encyclopedia Manticora. For fans of the podcast it looks like this is a great resource to have!

*Merchants of Veniche is an interesting looking product, though a little short on details. It looks to be a city-based setting book inspired by real-world Venice, but I'm not sure what system it is for.

*I really like the cover art on Moonlight and Tide, an adventure for Cthork Borg by Richard Kelly.

*I'm also a big fan of minigames within larger systems, and there's a new pdf out by Robert Mason devoted to lockpicking called Lockpickery: the Lockpicking Minigame.

*Another product with a great cover is Petals of Paradise. Produced by Melpomene Games and written for the fantastic Mausritter game, this looks to be another quality product by them.

*Izegrim Creations (you can catch my interview with Roderic here) is Kickstarting Twilight Fables. While it's written for 5e, I think it will have a lot of crossover with OSR-style games.

*I had missed this last week, but the massive megadungeon Halls of Arden Vul is currently available as a Bundle of Holding title. You will want to grab it quickly, though, because it has less than a week left.

I've had a bunch of new titles and stuff added to the webstore, as well.

*Equinox, by Eduareen Nor, is a beautiful hardcover tarot-based game that can be played solo or as a group without a GM.

*Procedure to Discover the Path Ahead, a cute little (4" x 6") 'zine by Seedling Games.

*The Gongfarmer Militia, a 'zine written for DCC expanding the hirelings and henchmen rules.

*PHM #10, the Dreaming City of Kahudbar, after a bunch of printer delays, is now out in print.

*The first subscriptions of Populated Hexes Monthly has been mailed, with subscribers getting Issue #12 as the first issue of this experiment.

*Finally, the product of my most recent Kickstarter is now available in three flavors, both through where and through Drivethru.

  1. The Lake of Abominations Compiled is a collection of the seven hexes in the eponymous hex cluster. You can get it here or on Drivethru.

  2. The Lake of Abominations Supplemental Hexcrawl adds on to those seven with over 80 hexes described in broad detail. You can get it here or on Drivethru.

  3. The Lake of Abominations Ultimate combines the above two books into a single, 280+ page book. You can get it here or on Drivethru.

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