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OSR News Roundup for 1.31.22

There are a *ton* of new releases this week, and I'm sure I'm missing a bunch. As many of you may be aware, the official Kickstarter ZineQuest has been moved -- foolishly, to my mind -- to August, to coincide with GenCon. The folks over at Feral Indie Studio have put together their own ZineMonth (appreviated as ZiMo2022) that launches February 1st. They've been compiling a list and links of all the folks participating in this project. I've been plugging individual projects as they catch my fancy or I'm alerted about it, but you will want to check out the official ZiMo webpage, here, for a full list of projects funding in February. If you're a publisher putting out a 'zine for Zine Month and are looking for stores to carry your product give me a shout; I'm looking to add to my catalog of products.

I have had several requests to create a mailing list for the Roundup, and figured I may as well try it out. If you're interested in signing up for the mailing list the link is here. I will be sending out weekly emails, every Monday, with the Roundup. I've also hopefully fixed the formatting issues with the blog; I had to change to the more technical editor to switch up the font, which was just at the limits of my tech abilities.

There were a couple of releases that I missed last week, so we're going to go ahead and start off with those.

Lilliputian is a ZiMo release crowdfunding on itch. It's written for Mausritter but can be adapted to Into the Odd or other similar systems, and is an ocean hexcrawl designed for play with one Referee and one or more players.

The folks behind Planar Compass are getting to launch Issue #3 of their fantastic 'zine (also called Planar Compass). This issue is called "The Time Priests of Ordo" and is a look at the plane of Law and Time.

Prismatic Wasteland is getting ready to launch Barkeep on the Borderlands on Kickstarter. It is billed as a system neutral pubcrawl pointcrawl adventure, which sounds intriguing.

Marc Star is Kickstarting The Mirror of Malatesto starting February 1st as part of ZineMonth. It's an "epic catacomb crawl" and will be statted for both OSR and 5e.

I'm a big sucker for rogue-like games, and this looks like a fantastic product that is funding on itch. I could see using Roguelike Dungeon just messing around doing solo play, myself.

Giuseppe Rotondo is Kickstarting Axian Library, a collection of four zines into one book. Written for Old School Essentials, it contains tables that help make running a game easy. Lots and lots of tables.

Fleaux! (I'm not sure how to add the accent from a keyboard) is the first Kickstart project by Kobayashi. It promises a "baroque fantasy rpg".

One Kickstarter I'm intrigued by is DNGN, a risograph printed adventure zine that's getting ready to launch. It looks to be a serial megadungeon, with a focus on weird fantasy, written for OSE and similar systems.

Today is the final day for the Under Hill, by Water Yuletide Jam on Itch. UHWY is a system that has been popping up on my radar more frequently recently, a "cozy" rpg less focused on combat and more interested in exploring the comfort of home. The talented Evlyn Moreau has submitted a short piece to the Jam, and her work is always worth checking out.

The Electrum Archive is crowdfunding on itch. It looks to be the first zine in a series, and provides an introduction to the author's setting and game rules. The sample art posted is pretty great looking.

Love in the Age of Gongfarmers is, for a change, something that has already been released! It's a Valentine's Day themed release by Goodman Games for Dungeon Crawl Classics, and is available on Drivethru.

Brewkessel Issue #2 is also getting ready to launch on Kickstarter. It's a megadungeon released as a serial 'zine.

The Knights of Lazarus is a dungeon 'zine written for Mothership, and it, too, is getting ready to launch on Kickstarter.

Space Aces has launched on Kickstarter, providing a rules-light, family-friendly sandbox game of galactic exploration.

Delver Issue 4, resources for random rolling Referees, is up on Kickstarter. It's written for OSE but can be easily used with any OSR -- or even non-OSR games.

Pulp Hummock Press is getting ready to launch Gods of the Forbidden North on Kickstarter, an arctic OSR-megadungeon.

Lazy Litch is likewise getting to launch a new Kickstarter project: The Toxic Woods is a "corrosive hexcrawl adventure".

Discordantopia is now funding on itch. It is a city-setting book in the style of "dystopian punk Spelljammer", and is written for Troika and Pulka.

Brooklet Games will be releasing Vortex Isles to their Patrons on February 1st, an adventure zine compatible with Cairn and 5e.

Dapper Rabbit Games just put up their pre-launch page for Tales from Dungeons Deep, their take on OSR gaming, with a focus on resource management, dungeon exploration, and base building.

Third Kingdom Games has added some new titles to their storefront:

  • Izirion's Enchiridion of the West Marches is written for 5e but easily adapted to OSR-style games. It's a gorgeous, premium-color hardback that provides guidance for running a West Marches-style sandbox game.

  • Thursday, written by Eli Seitz, is a tabletop role-playing game of time loops, drama and learning from your mistakes inspired by Russian Doll.

  • Some more used books, including a number of Dragon Magazine issues.

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