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OSR News Roundup for April 1st, 2024

Welcome to the OSR Roundup for April 1st. March is over and saw a lot of in person gaming activity with GaryCon, PAX East, Adepticon, and a host of other conventions. I'd mentioned last week that Cairn 2e has launched on Kickstarter; I conducted a short interview with the author, Yochai Gal, last week, that you can read here.

  • Aaron Dill of Jolly Lark Gaming is a friend of mine from high school. After working with Games Workshop, Gale Force Nine, and Monster Fight Club he as founded Jolly Lark, a small, bespoke company geared towards minis and accessories. He's running a Kickstarter (ends in a few days) for cultist minis designed for a variety of games and systems. You can pledge for either the physical minis or, what I like to see, the .stl files so you can print the minis yourself.

  • Hexed Press has released Huzzah! Inspired by Honey Heist, it is a quick, rules-lite rpg designed to capture the frenetic and mad-cap energy of classic Saturday morning cartoons.

  • One of the things I love about itch are the number and creativity of game jams that folks come up with. A recent one is the Door Jam, and All the Doors I Could Think Of is seedling's entry into the jam.

  • Speaking of jams: Shit or Get off the Pot is a game design jam that will be happening in May, with the goal to produce ten one-page games in the span of a month, regardless of quality. Just brainstorm and get stuff on paper.

  • I'd mentioned Yochai and Cairn 2e, above, and he's also released a free dungeon, Rise of the Blood Olms, for use with the new edition of Cairn (or, really, any OSR system).

  • Tropical Heat, by Marcos Dominguez, is a short, one-page rpg designed to emulate a 90s Canadian TV series that sounds like Miami Vice meets Hawaii 5-0.

  • Eric Bloat has launched a Kickstarter for We Die Young, a game of supernatural horror also set in the 90s. I'm a big fan of what he did with Dark Places and Demogorgons, the Stranger Things-themed game, and I'm excited to see what happens here.

  • Storied Lands Second Edition is now live on Drivethru. It runs on a BX chassis but with some modern elements added in, such as ascending AC, Advantage and Disadvantage, etc. A substantial part of the book is geared towards setting and campaign creation, which is nice.

  • I backed the Goodman Games Kickstarter for the OAR version of the Dark Tower what seems like years ago, and it is finally out. You can purchase the pdf on Drivethru, We've also got it in stock at Sabre in both DCC and 5e flavors.

  • Five Visits to the Temperance Stone is a short adventure by Leicester's Rambles featuring a five room dungeon drawn by Dyson Logos.

  • Another release I've been waiting for is Kill Jester's Sanctimonious Slimes and Expired Epicures. Kill Jester is the publisher of Ava Islam's fantastic Errant system, and SSaEE, written by Nick Whelan, is statted for Errant but can be easily adapted to a system of your choice.

  • Leyline Press (full disclosure that Sabre is the US distributor of their products) has just released The Isle of Glaslyn on Drivethru. It's a hexcrawl written for OSE that can be slotted into pretty much any existing fantasy campaign. They've also released Bastard King and The God With No Name.

  • Written for Shadowdark, the Meadery Mishap features art by Carlos Castilho, one of my favorite artists. It's a low-level adventure, designed to introduce new characters to a setting and including elements of dungeon, town, and wilderness play.

  • We just got the fantastic Mausritter in stock, and I was excited to see that Lazy Cat Cult has released Mauspunk, an unofficial Mausritter supplement dealing with mice in a cyberpunk future.

  • Swords and Wizardry Whitebox isn't as popular as it once was, but I'm hoping that with Matt Finch at the helm of Mythmere Games it will see a resurgence. It's now available on Drivethru in PDF and POD versions.

  • Welcome to Strangeville is another stab at a Stranger Things/Stephen King/Kids on Bikes system.

  • Hinokodo has released an asset pack of "human-made" logos they've designed and made available for commercial use, with the only caveats being it can't go on any product with AI assets and they can't be repackaged or resold. There's a wide variety of cool designs here, and it is a PWYW release.

  • Sabre Games has added the OSE Adventure Anthologies Volumes 1 and 2 to our stock.

  • The Kickstarter for Volume Two of the BX Advanced Bestiary is still ongoing, with a little more than a week to go. It takes monster entries from the OSE core book entries E - K and adds to and expands those options.

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