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OSR News Roundup for April 24th, 2023

It's the last Monday in April, and it looks like last week was just an anomaly with not as many releases as normal.

*Jeffrey Jones, author of Gary's Appendix and the newly released Fane of the Fly God, is currently raising funds for Scoundrels of Brixton. Written for Cepheus Engine, it's a sci-fi game of crime and conflict.

*321 Action! is Kickstarting the Holiday Action Double Feature, two zine length adventures that are scheduled to be released this fall, just in time for the holidays.

*Teeth is a pretty cool looking game currently raising funds on Kickstarter. It's a game about criminality and monster-hunting set in 18th-century England.

*The new edition of Swords and Wizardry, by Matt Finch, is almost done Kickstarting. At the time of this publication there will be about twenty-four hours left to back.

*Well, shoot. I had no idea this was going on in my neck of the world. X.F.R.S. is a mini-adventure game zine about protecting the forest from overzealous developers, and it debuted in print on the 22nd in Lynchburg, VA.

*Inspired by Magic: The Gathering, Zauberspiel is a one-page rpg about plane-hopping magicians.

*Hosted by the same author as Zauberspiel, the Adventure WARP Jam is an interesting-looking project where participants take an existing adventure and twist one thing about it to make it a new adventure.

*Mausritter: d10 Magic Swords, is pretty much as it sounds, but it looks neat and is PWYW.

*There's some really cool art that's gone into The Merging World, a "miniatures-agnostic" skirmish game set in a universe where realities are colliding.

*Blanc Box 2e is an expanded and updated -- and still free! -- take on the White Box Medieval game.

*Archives of Nabu: School of Earth introduces three dozen new spells for use in OSR-style games.

*Charles Ferguson-Avery is known for Into the Wyrd and Wild and Into the Cess and Citadel. The VyrmHack SRD is a free introduction to a small-scale skirmish wargame with role-playing elements. The paid version can be found here.

*Elfland: Beyond the Fields We Know Kickstarted recently and is now available for general sale. It's a cool-looking 'zine focusing on Faery, with adventures, monsters, new items, and more. It's written for DCC.

*The same author has released a book of two adventures for DCC: Christopher Robin's Nightmare and the Blood Rose Curse.

*I'm a big fan of custom classes, and there's a new PWYW Sorcerer class available on Drivethru.

*The prolific author tibbius has released After the Serpent, an apocalyptic steam-punk setting using the RISUS engine.

*R.P. Davis is a well-regarded author in the industry, and he's just released Crypt of the Dancing Wyrm, an adventure for Five Torches Deep.

*Ink Potions Studios has released *a bunch* of new stock art, all with an undead theme. I'm not linking to all of them, but here's one that I liked: a wraith.

*The Devil Game, by Crab Dominion, is a modern adventure scenario written for Liminal Horror.

*I've restocked Ben L's Downtime in Zyan, and added Through Ultan's Door Issues 1-3 and the companion Beneath the Moss Courts.