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OSR News Roundup for August 28th, 2023

Welcome to the last news roundup for August. Summer is drawing to a close, kids are back at school, and we're moving (at least in the northern hemisphere) into fall. Let's see what was released last week, shall we?

  • Zac Bir has released Journeyman Pocket Edition on itch, a rules-lite, generic rpg system that emphasizes establishing trust amongst participants to develop guidelines for play.

  • Heat Wave Horror is a bundle of two games by Javierloustaunau on itch. The sale ends in two days (as of the 28th), so if you want to take advantage of this deal you should jump on it. It includes the recently released Trapped in an endless i-kräla, an Ikea-themed horror scenario.

  • I've been eagerly waiting for this (and the upcoming print version): Jimmy Shelter has just released Hiria: the Eternal City, on itch. It's a solo journaling game set in a city that exists in an infinite number of possibilities, changing subtly through realities.

  • James Holloway has released the Guide to Grunts on itch, a system-neutral guide to creating realistic armies and mercenary bands in fantasy games.

  • Levi Combs of Planet X Games is raising funds for Closet of the Eye Wizard, a DCC zine that brings the contents of the Eye Wizard's closet to life, adding new sartorial magical items to the DCC game.

  • From the prolific Phil Reed comes Combat Banes and Boons, new critical hit and fumble tables for fantasy rpgs.

  • Barbaric! by Stellagama Publishing, is now available in a 2nd edition. This book brings Swords and Sorcery-style gaming to life using the Cepheus engine.

  • Tales from the Smoking Wyrm, Issue 6, is a zine written primarily for DCC but with content that can be mined for other fantasy OSR systems.

  • Pirate Borg is a new game based on the popular Mork Borg engine, and Caught: A Compendium of Punishments Pyratical [sic] introduces a collection of punishments for piracy, breaking them down into categories depending on who is meting out the punishments.

  • I've had this little gem of a supplement in stock for a month or so, but Cats Have no Lord has just released The Frog Supertable on Drivethru in pdf. It's a little pamphlet with twelve frog variants, and features the art of blog favorite Evlyn Moreau.

  • Essential Enemies #5 is out. This issue is titled Creatures of Chaos, and presents an assortment of new monster, items, and lairs to use in your Old School Essentials or similar game.

  • The Weeps, by Spooky Jaguar, is a short zine written for Cairn with a starting town, forest, and dungeon to use as a jumping off point for adventure.

  • I really like the hexcrawl stuff that Lazy Litch has put out, and now you can get all of their existing titles as part of a bundle on Drivethru. I carry all of their print titles, as well, and they're totally worth picking up.

  • We've also added a number of OSR-adjacent titles to the store:

  1. Another artist I really like is Amanda Lee Franck, and we've added her two zines to the store: You Got a Job on the Garbage Barge and Vampire Cruise. Both are quirky and come with Amanda's illustrations and super cool maps.

  2. Guild: Sword and Magick for Hire, the new zine by Disaster Tourism, is also in stock. This was crowdfunded last December and is now available in print.

  3. Zinepalooza funded in February of 2022 as part of the first independent ZineMonth project, and the three zines that were part of it are now all out in print, as well as the first two issues of Explore Dungeons that were reprinted as part of the Kickstarter. Explore Dungeons 1, 2, and 3 are all system neutral with plenty of content to add to games; Smorkasborg is a zine for Mork Borg, and Tales from the Tower adds content for 5e-style games.

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