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OSR News Roundup for December 18th, 2023

Welcome to the third Roundup of December. This is the two year anniversary of these Roundups, and I look forward to bringing y'all another year. If I've got time in the next week or so I'm going to try and work up a "Year in Review" post. Looking forward, 2024 is going to be bringing us another ZineMonth in February, and I'm planning on doing another round of interviews with zine creators to promote the event. If you're planning on participating this year, and would like to answer a few softball questions about your project send me an email or message and I'll get you the questions.

This week is a bit light on releases, due no doubt in large party to the approaching holidays.

  • I forgot to mention a Kickstarter last week: Douglas Cole has launched The Isle of Sedra. This is a setting and adventure book that ties into the author's existing solo OSE adventures. The book was originally written for The Fantasy Trip but has been revised and re-written for OSE.

  • Leyline Press has been publishing some quality rpg products for awhile now -- I'll be stocking their newly-released Salvage Union rpg soon -- and they've just launched a Kickstarter to bring Salvage Union -- a post-apocalyptic mech rpg -- to Roll20.

  • Roque Romero has released Old School Revisited, a collection of 28 monster png images. The terms of use are very generous, and allows for modifications, which is really cool. The images would be great for fleshing out an adventure, or perhaps even building an adventure or bestiary around, since they're pretty unique and not just another goblin or ogre.

  • Dice Goblin Games has just published The Adventure Calendar, a miscellaneous compilation of rules and add-ons for old-school games such as Cairn and their own Block, Dodge, and Parry. They've also released Morph, Shift, and Alter (with illustrations by Evlyn Moreau), rules for polymorphing and transformations.

  • Terminal, a game of digital pirate action, is live on itch. Written by Rat Wave Game House, it features additional writing by a number of well-known names in the indie community, including Roundup favorites Tanya Floaker and JellyMuppet.

  • Inspired by Terry Pratchett, Farcical Fellows is a collection of six monsters for Troika. They're delightfully absurd, and the amateur (by the author's own admission) doodlings that illustrate the pages only add to the charm.

  • Just in time for the holiday season, Yule them All is a hack and slay adventure written for Mork Borg. It's designed to be fast paced and brutal.

  • White Star, by James Spahn, is a sci-fi hack of the simplified White Box rules, and the newly released Defenders of Altron is a setting for White Star. It weighs in at a hefty 130 pages, and is available in pdf and POD.

  • Solo in a Lost Cause, by Parts per Million, is a Silent Legions (the excellent game by Kevin Crawford) compatible solo introductory system that's specifically designed to introduce new players to solo-style play.

  • As many readers may know, I'm a sucker for hexcrawls, and Burning Light Press has just released two short, 2-page hexcrawl regions with isometric hex maps. The Canton of Mardon Gorge and The Canton of Swarrow are the two releases, and I really like the way they're organized and presented.

  • We still have some of the Surprise Zine Bundles in stock. This is a collection of at least 100.00 dollars worth of zines from our stock, and is available for 50.00.

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