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OSR News Roundup for December 26th, 2022

We're into the last roundup of the year. It will be a pretty short Roundup this week, as I think a lot of folks were (understandably) busy with the holiday season. Last week's Meet the Publisher Interview was with the duo that make up Crumbling Keep, the publishers of the solo game Marching Order. This upcoming interview will be with Colin Le Sueur, author of Runecairn and We Deal in Lead. In minor news, I've created a subreddit for Third Kingdom Games, where I'll be posting links to the News Roundup, interviews, and gaming releated stuff.

*This Spells Trouble is a spellbook inspired by music samples, written for Liminal Horror with art by Evlyn Moreau and Charles Ferguson-Avery.

*There's a new jam on itch. The one-page Derelict jam is like the One Page Dungeon, but with a space theme.

*Eminence Luminous and Virgin Tenebrous is written for Old School Essentials and is a smallish megadungeon, with a dark fantasy, Slavic theme, geared for characters of levels 5 and 7.

*Cryomnesis is a solo journaling game about being alone in space.

*Aberrant Reflections is an OSR puzzle-themed adventure module by Direct Sun. It's written for low-level (1-4) characters.

*Joseph Lewis has released Orbital Vampire City, a sandbox of "undead people and monsters in outer space", written for both OSE and 5e.

*Issue 2 of the Kalunga Plateau is now out. The eponymous Plateau is a lost-world style setting and it's written for Old School Essentials. The same publisher has also just released Arachnid Stuff, a semi-bestiary that expands spidery options.

*Bloat Games publishes their Survive This! system, and Fantasy Sourcebook 1: Expanded Races, has just been released.

*OSRDan has released Divinities and Cults, Vol IV. Written for OSR-style games, this volume looks at the mythology of the Finns and Slavic countries.

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