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OSR News Roundup for December 5th, 2022

It's the first week in December, the year is drawing to a close, and we're approaching a full year of weekly Roundups. Last week was a bit sparse on new releases -- likely for good reasons -- so let's see what the new month has brought us! Before we do, however, I want to mention some interviews I have posted. I dropped the ball on doing this during last week's Roundup, so I'm going to include two week's worth.

  1. Indie publisher Levi Kornelsen was the subject of the Meet the Publisher interview on November 23rd.

  2. We had the last two ZineQuest followup interviews in the past week: with 3, 2, 1 . . . Action and Spooky Bell Games.

  3. Last week's Meet the Publisher interview was with the rpg artist Acid Lich.

  4. This upcoming week's interview (link is not up yet) will be with Ben Laurence, author of the newly released Downtime in Zyan zine.

*Guild: Sword and Magick for Hire, by Disaster Tourism, is live on Kickstarter for a short campaign. It uses a unique system based around the conceit of adventurers being members of a guild.

*This isn't a new product, but it is new to me, and I just wanted to give it some press. Amanda Lee Franck is an amazing artist, but she also writes stuff, too! She decided she wanted to find an alternative means of crowdfunding a project for this year's ZineQuest, so is using itchfunding to raise money for her game, Crush Depth Apparition (she's been posting WIP stuff for it, and it looks super cool!). If you're into horror, the dark depths of the ocean and/or turn of the twentieth century submarines this is the game for you.

*Perplexing Ruins Fallen Jam on itch ends at the end of December, and they're going strong with fifteen entries.

*I've already plugged this, awhile ago, but tibbius has released a revised and updated version of their game Listening to a Vanished God, a 60-page pdf that is specifically formatted to be printed at home.

*Chronicles, Vol 1, by Blackoath Entertainment, is an expansion for Sacrifice: An Incense and Iron RPG, and includes two adventures and three sandbox scenarios.

*Breaker Press Games has released The Bruiser, a new martial class for Dungeon Crawl Classics.

*This just popped up on my radar and looks super cool, plus it comes with VTT support and labeled and unlabeled maps. The Oneiric Hinterlands is written for OSE Advanced and is a mini-setting/campaign designed to take characters from levels 1-7.

*Shadow from the Stars is a Swords and Wizardry mini-dungeon designed for characters of levels 8-10, a range for which there aren't that many adventures.

*I also thought this was pretty interesting, as Deep Waters Run Deadly is billed specifically as a tool for solo or GM-less games to generate encounters involving water.