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OSR News Roundup for February 5th, 2024

ZineMonth is here, and I've started posting interviews with creators who are participating in the event. They'll be posting Monday through Friday at 1:00 pm eastern time. Thus far I've posted two interviews:

  • Jim Hall of Brooklet Games crowdfunding one of the games I've been looking forward to since he started posting about it last year on social media: Beetle Knight.

  • Mikhail Malkin is Kickstarting Fishbone Archipelago: Lost Lighthouse, a system-neutral aquatic adventure.

To celebrate ZineMonth, Sabre Games is having a 20% off sale on all of our in-stock zines through the end of the month.

You might notice that Kickstarter links will be a little light in the official Roundup during this month, for the simple reason that I'll be promoting and linking to these campaigns in individual interviews throughout February. I will still be linking to stuff that I don't have interviews lined up about, though.

  • Samsara is an entry in the 24-Word RPG Jam that explores the eponymous Buddhist concept of rebirth and suffering.

  • Scott Wegener, artist and co-author of Atomic Robo, is raising money for The Cult of Morach, an old-school dungeon crawl written for GLAIVE but also broadly system-agnostic.

  • Idle Cartulary is raising funds for the Curse of Mizzling Grove, an adventure written for Old School Essentials. It features the art of Niosis; I had never seen their work before, but am very taken by it. The samples posted on the Kickstarter are some very cool, stark line art that I really like.

  • I really enjoyed following last year's Dungeon23 event, and one of the megadungeons created as part of it is now on Kickstarter. Sean Richer is raising funds for Terror of the Stratosfiend: Snake Wolf 3. It's a 400+ page megadungon written for DCC designed for characters of levels 1-6.

  • Milk Bar is a Sci-fi game set in post-Soviet Poland. Based on RPGs like Cairn, Mausritter, and Mothership, and video games like Disco Elysium and Control, Milk Bar is a game about the post-collapse and rebuilding.

  • Archstone Press has published the Years of Adventure, available for pay-what-you-want on itch. Inspired by epic fantasy series such as the Malazan Book of the Fallen, Earthsea, and A Song of Ice and Fire, The Years of Adventure was designed to create sweeping, large scale stories with a personal focus.

  • One of the things I really like about ZineMonth is seeing new authors and artists publish their stuff for the first time, and the enthusiasm they bring to the hobby. Maria Weninger is running her first Kickstarter to fund Glimmerlight Inn, a system-agnostic location statted for general OSR-games but easily adaptable to other systems. It's billed as a way to introduce a path into Faery for your characters, or to introduce the Faery Realms to an existing campaign.

  • Christopher Wilson has released Tasadantilis' Tantalizing Tower, an adventure for Old School Essentials, a massive 335 page setting and adventure.

  • Ivanhoe Unbound has released Troika 19280!, a collection of d66 background tables to use with Troika.

  • Prehistoric Perils is a mini-bestiary of dinosaurs designed to be used with The Monsters are our Heroes (by Bloat Games).

  • Written for the Black Hack, but easily adapted to other OSR games, A Home Reforged is both setting and ruleset with a dwarven theme, which I think is somewhat neglected these days.

  • Hexcrawl Horrors is written for BFRPG and includes ten d100 wilderness encounter tables, each one suited for a different terrain type and featuring monsters arranged by HD and in order of rarity.

  • I'm a big fan of Joel Hines' work, and last year he Kickstarted The Tide World of Mani, a setting for Mothership. It's finally out in PDF on Drivethru.

  • Paul Partington, who also writes the free Dragon Warriors fanzine, has just released a CYOA title: Temple of the Skull God. It's over 300 pages and looks to be pretty cool.

  • I haven't had a chance to dive into it yet, but The Raven's Call is short little system that looks rather charming, mostly in the brevity of its description (I must admit that I tend towards pretty succint and short descriptions of my stuff, as well).

  • I'm raising funds for Issue 31 of Populated Hexes Monthly as a part of ZineMonth. This issue takes the rules in Issue 30 for creating gods and presents three sample deities. It also includes a barrow left behind by a long-lost civilization and rules for modifying the clerical turn undead ability into channeling divinity, allowing for clerical abilities to be customized by the gods they worship. If you're a Patron or subscriber you don't need to back this Kickstarter.

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