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OSR News Roundup for March 11th, 2024

Let's dive right in and see what's new and exciting, shall we?

  • The folks at Pickpocket Press, publishers of Low Fantasy Gaming, are raising funds for a new project. Tales of Argosa, billed as Low Fantasy Gaming 2e, is designed to both group and solo play, and the project comes with a bunch of add-ons to aid with solo gaming, or even the Referee that needs some inspiration.

  • It's only got about a day left, but the Path of the Aram Thyr is being Kickstarted by Gallant Knight Games (Alan Bahr, publisher of Blood and Coin among others). It's a classless, high fantasy d20 system and also includes rules for solo play.

  • I stumbled across the Rumored Lands Kickstarter and thought it looked interesting. It's a collection of three risograph printed zines, each one presenting a map, rumors, and areas of interest. Geared towards fantasy gaming, it looks like it is system-agnostic.

  • The Long Road Home looks like an interesting project. It's a game about what happens after the adventure, as the characters make their way home.

  • Pulpee has released The Bloody Pigsty as part of the Cairn jam on itch, and deals with themes of gluttony and greed.

  • Walkmage is an interesting project. It's designed to be a portable rpg that you can play on the go, and instead of dice uses hand gestures. I'm sure I am part of a very small subset of players that remembers Darksword Adventures, the companion rpg to Weiss and Hickman's Darksword trilogy of books. It introduced a set of hand gestures that replaced dice, as well.

  • Chris Bissette has released Beneath the Cobbles as a PWYW adventure. It's written for A Dungeon Game, but can be easily converted to other OSR/NSR systems. It's a small thieves' guild dungeon, which I think is something that most Referees would find a use for.

  • I'm a big fan of Colin Le Sueur, and he's just released Into the Nine Realms, a collection of sixteen 1-page dungeons written for his Runecairn game. You can find it on itch as well as Drivethru.

  • There are a couple of jams currently running on itch I wanted to call attention to. The first is Fishing with John. Hosted by Sivad's Sanctum, the goal is to write some sort of adventure about your totally normal fishing trip with your totally normal friend John. The second, near and dear to my heart, is the Fill the Hex Jam, where the goal is to create a hex map with exactly 36 hexes.

  • Barrow of the Raging Storm is a 1-page low level adventure written for Shadowdark.

  • I've been enjoying the heck out of 3d6 Down the Line's playthrough of Arden Vul, and am reading this massive mega-dungeon along with them. My one quibble with the book is the separation of maps from text -- IMHO, it makes it really difficult to follow when reading the pdf -- but Expeditious Retreat Press has just released a pdf of maps that show the various zones of control of the different factions within the mega-dungeon, something that I think will be super helpful.

  • Lee Talman has released Advanced Knavery, a supplement for Ben Milton's Knave 2e. I'd like to give this a special shoutout as Lee also lives where I do, and is a regular at Sabre. Awesome to see local folks publishing stuff for OSR! Buy his stuff!

  • When Sea is Calling is a supplement by Atelier Clandestin designed to generate nautical encounters and is meant to be used as either a solo generator or by Referees.

  • Written for Troika!, Oops, All Oozes is an adventure where you play the role of various oozes, slimes, and puddings, trying to stop a mad wizard bent on wiping out your kind from existence.

  • Beneath the Reeds is a mid-level adventure written for OSE. It's designed to be one that can be easily slotted in as a one-shot, filler, or quick sidequest, but is also billed as being very deadly.

  • The pre-launch page for the BX Advanced Bestiary, Vol. 2, is now live. We'll be starting this Kickstarter on Thursday, March 14th.

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