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OSR News Roundup for March 4th, 2024

It's already March, 2024. ZineMonth is officially over, although there are a number of projects that are still in the funding stages. The big news on this front is that Sabre is now the official US distributor for Leyline Press, creators of the post-apoc 'Mech game Salvage Union, as well as all their other titles (including some written for OSE!). This roundup may be a bit short this week, as well; I've been feeling under the weather this weekend and haven't had the energy I normally do.

  • Recent featured author Cats Have No Lords has made Door-Hoard available on itch. It's a collection of 44 rooms strung together for the Door Jam on itch.

  • Planarian has released the Stupid Name Generator on itch, which does pretty much what it says on the tin, although one person's stupid name is another's awesome moniker.

  • Into the Odd is a system that I always like seeing people make content for, and Rhododendron Palazzo, by J Fur, is a 19-room dungeon written for that system.

  • Sivad's Sanctum is another prolific itch creator, and they've just released the Parent of Fear; or, Ignorance, a seacrawl.

  • I was unfamiliar with Bogfolk, on itch, until someone pointed out their Monolith periodic zine. This one, the second in the series, is entitled Supernatural, and focuses its gaze upon Mausritter (each issue focuses on a specific system or game rather than a topic).

  • Written for GNAT, Grave of the Kraken is available on itch and Drivethru. There's also a paperback option available on Amazon. This is a solo adventure, written by David Donachie, who, along with Paul Partington, also put out an amazing amount of content for Dragon Warriors. You can catch my interview with them from a few years ago, here.

  • City of Blood and Plaster is a system-agnostic adventure set Chicago during the 1893 World's Fair. The art is really neat, and it looks like an interesting premise.

  • OSE has become the default chassis that a lot of games are built on these days, and Modern Necessities is funding on Kickstarter, using OSE to create a modern rpg. It worked really well for one of my current favorites -- Dark Places and Demogorgons -- so I'm curious to see how this game turns out.

  • Weird World is a post-apocalyptic rpg set in the distant future, in what a friend of mine refers to as a "polyapocalyptic" setting. It looks like the love child of A Canticle for Leibowitz and Gamma World.

  • TheNatOne has released The Red Hack 2e, a blend of OSR and modern gaming philosophies. The system has been influenced by games such as Five Torches Deep, DCC, and, of course, The Black Hack.

  • I'd mentioned Into the Odd, above; A Mutants of Ixx Homebrew is written for Into the Odd, specifically the Mutants of Ix setting by Skullfungus. The release adds new classes and items to add to the setting.

  • Cthulhu Crawl is an adventure for DCC set in 1920s America. I haven't had the chance to look into it yet, but it's an intriguing premise for the system; I think one of the strengths of DCC is how well it adds Lovecraftian mythos to the vibe of the game.

  • As I'm sure long-time readers know, high-level domain play is one of my particular areas of interest. One of the better supplements that has come out in the past year to deal with domain play is Demesnse and Domination, by Bryan Larkin. It's now available in a free, no-art version.

  • Delver #7, by The Tabletop Engineer, is now also available as a pdf, as is Runes #2, his Shadowdark zine.

  • My own Populated Hexes Monthly, Year Two, is now available on Drivethru as a pdf and POD. The offset version will be available on the Sabre website next week. This book compiles Issues 13-24 and includes new classes (necromancer, turtle-folk, parrot-folk), rules for naval engagements and customizing vessels, dungeons, and more.

  • I've also got a new Kickstarter going, squeezing it in for the BX Advanced Bestiary, Vol. 2, goes live. This one is for Issue 32 of Populated Hexes Monthly, which looks at randomly generating magical items, and specifically artifacts and relics.

  • We've added a bunch of new products to the Sabre webstore, including the full line of Leyline Press books, both Hot Springs Islands books, the Waking of Willoughby Hall, and more.

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