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OSR News Roundup for May 29th, 2023

Welcome to the last Monday in May. Just as a head's-up, observant readers will notice some changes to the website in coming month. I'm in the process of opening a brick and mortar FLGS, and rather than build a new website (with all the same inventory) I will be merging the two. The goal is to have the soft opening at the beginning of July, so if you're near or passing through Charlottesville, Virginia, I'd love for you to stop by and check it out.

With that out of the way, let's see what's in store for us today, shall we?

*Wet Ink Games, the same folks that brought us the recently released The Cess and the Citadel, is funding Never Going Home: The Beginning and the End, a sourcebook for Never Going Home, their game of eldritch horror in the trenches of WWI.

*Levi Combs of Planet X Games is raising funds for Chainsaw Wizards, Hecatomb Creeps, and other Ungodly Bastards, a collection of system neutral, villainous NPCs.

*Comic Crawl Classics is a hack of Dungeon Crawl Classics designed to emulate the superhero genre.

*I've just started a Kickstarter to raise funds for an offset, omnibus edition that combines A Guide the Thieves' Guilds, Filling in the Blanks, and Into the Wild into a single, coherent volume.

*HungryClone has released A World of Salt on itch, set in a city where Hell is real, demons exist, and mortals do whatever they need to gain power.

*Happy Cthonian has released an all-dice character generator on itch. It looks like a cute little system to create slightly whimsical characters and NPCs.

*I've recently started to carry the Trophy series of games, and just now saw there's a supplement set of rules for them: Trophy Golf, available on itch, allows you to add, um, golf to your game. The art that I have seen is strangely compelling!

*My Mother's Kitchen is a solo journaling game that funded as part of ZiMo23, and it's now available on itch.

*Outliers is a solo journaling game by Sam Leigh that's also up on itch. The player takes on the role of a research assistant trying to do their job under absurd circumstances.

*I thought that this looked pretty interesting: True Ruins Procedure is a set of rules for adding randomness to hexcrawl-style games. There's a lot of stuff out there that do similar things, but this PWYW product seems to take it in different directions.

*There's a new 5e/BX clone out there: 5B is written to be compatible with 5th edition, but brings the feel of old-school gaming to new-school play.

*TLHP Games has released Adventure Games Creation for OSR Games, a guide to building adventures.

*Fichte's Rumors of Lost Treasures, by Philip Reed, is now live on Drivethru.

*Cthonstone Games has released Between Two Worlds: Essential Enemies Vol. 4, which brings abominations from beyond the stars and between the dimensions in old-school play.

*Mausritter is a great hearth-style game, and Kiwi Acres is a new hexcrawl setting written for that system.

*I'm seeing a lot of titles coming out for Shadowdark, and now Christopher Wade has released an InDesign template that mimics the Shadowdark layout style.

*The team of Markus Linderum and Tony Vasinda has released Down We Go: Infinite, the full version of the Down We Go game.

*I'm not linking to all of them, but Necrotic Gnome has just released Foundry VTT versions of most of their official products.

*James Spahn and Gallant Knight Games has release The Hero's Journey 2e Zine Collection.

*Bloat Games has released Scorched!, a post-apocalyptic game using their Survive This! system that asks the question: what if Luke never left Tatooine.

*I've added a number of new titles to the webstore, including the eagerly anticipated Black Sword Hack, a selection of new and used rpgs, and even some dice!

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