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OSR News Roundup for November 21st, 2022

November's halfway over, and we're staring down the throat of (in the US) twin holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are a bunch of sites that will be having sale in the next few weeks (inluding this one!), but there are still some worthwhile products that have been released or are funding. Last week's Meet the Publisher interview was with Wayne Robert, author of Dungeon Plumber and Pan, His Majesty in Yellow, and I conducted a ZineQuest followup interview with Gianluca of the Italian indie collective FLAM! This week's Meet the Publisher will be with Levi Kornelsen.

*One of the big projects on Kickstarter I've been keeping an eye on is the 2nd edition of TROIKA, by Daniel Sell of the Melsonian Arts Council. It's designed to be completely compatible with the 1st edition, and is only on Kickstarter for a brief time.

*Constant Downpour, a survival hexcrawl for the Mothership rpg, is also raising funds on Kickstarter for a remastered version.

*This Kickstarter is ending soon, so you'll want to jump on it quick: Bloat Games is raising money for Nightworld and Overworld, two zines for DCC that are inspired by old school, 8-bit video games.

*I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the classsic game Paranoia is getting a reboot and is currently Kickstarting.

*Fire in the Mohle is an adventure written for MCC that is in the process of crowdfunding. It's written for 3rd-level and higher characters, which is a niche that needs to be filled.

*The Midnight Editions, a compilation of 24xx games by A Telling Ellipses, is on itch. They're all modular games set in the 19th century.

*The Lost Bays Studio is featuring a Winter Wanderer Mork Borg bundle in time for the winter season.

*Merrick's Revenge, on Drivethru, looks to be a pluggable sandbox location focused on an island, and includes an NPC that can be used as a questgiver.

*I saw Space Dungeon and it immediately piqued my interest. It's billed as a B/X compatible system that seeks to capture the feel of golden age SF.

*MAR 18 -- Moonset Mines, is another adventure for the Filbar setting and is written for 6th level adventurers.

*Monkey's Paw Games has published Expert: Kanabo, set in feudal Japan.

*I saw over on Twitter that Philip Reed has run a full dozen Kickstarters this year and fulfilled ten of them, which is pretty impressive. One of them, Deck of Corpses 2 (for Mork Borg) has just gone live on Drivethru.

*Soulblight, the Indigo Outpost Feuilleton - Issue 1: The Lothor Desert is both quite a mouthful and new zine supplement out for the Soulblight setting.

*Goodman Games has released Tome of Adventure 1, a collection of the first seven modules written for the DCC game.

*As someone who likes tinkering with and modifying systems I was interested to see there's a supplement geared towards adding elements of epic fantasy to Old School Essentials. The Land of Shadows, by Mark Kernow, is meant to add epic fantasy aspects without changing the old school power level.

*Edge of Doom is a short hexcrawl written for Old School Essentials by Josh Sykes.

*Just in time for winter, Raging Swan Press has released Wilderness Dressing: Snow and Ice, designed to make winter traveling and adventuring more exciting.

*I will be starting my holiday sale early this year (I'll have unreliable internet over Thanksgiving, so I figure it will be safer to get everything going early), with 40% off all Third Kingdom Games products and 30% off everything else in the store. The sale will start November 23rd, but print subscribers have already received codes for early discounts. I've also added the following titles to the webstore.

**A trio of books by Kobold Press for 5e. The Tome of Beasts 3 is now available in normal hardcover and a collector's cover, and there's also the Book of Lairs for this book in stock.

**War for the Wasteland, the new zine by Eric Bloat, is now in stock.

**My own BX Advanced Bestiary, Vol 1, is also out, both here and on Drivethrurpg.

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